Bible-burning Egyptian Muslim jailed for 11 Years

Never thought I’d be referring to the following, given that  part of the world:

(Reuters) – A Cairo court sentenced an Egyptian Muslim preacher to 11 years in jail for blasphemy on Sunday for burning a Bible during a protest last year outside the U.S. embassy.

Convictions for insulting Islam are common in Egypt, ruled by Islamists after the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak in 2011, but more rare for cases involving the minority Christian faith.  More here…

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8 Responses to Bible-burning Egyptian Muslim jailed for 11 Years

  1. Simon says:

    TC, the Coptic Orthodox Christian community have been subject to massive persecution in Egypt. However, historically there have been periods mutual respect and peace between Christians, Muslims and Jews in the Middle East and North Africa. I can only hope we can return to times of peace between these adherents of these faiths. It’s not really encouraging at the moment, but we must pray for that nonetheless.

  2. Simon says:

    I’m much more of an optimist. I hope there will be peace in the region. My eschatology dictates my beliefs here 😉 I know that some other people’s eschatology dictates that the exact opposite will happen – which may be part of the problem.

  3. Simon says:

    More akin to Amillennailism I’d say. If Christ has inaugurated the age to come, then it doesn’t make sense to be pre or post.

    • TC says:

      Even so, it’s the postmillennialists who speak of things getting better toward to the end.

      • Jon Hughes says:

        Unless you’re an optimistic amillennialist – e.g. Cornelis Venema (future conversion of Israel, etc.). There’s quite a bit of difference between amillennialists here, with some being very pessimistic indeed.

        My own conviction is that we should all be optimistic, irrespective of our eschatology. Pessimism can often produce inactivity (apart from a continual moaning about how bad things are!) and life-boat mentalities. As Simon says, it’s part of the problem.

        I’m certainly glad that our forebears worked for a brighter future, rather than simply cloud-gazing. We’ve had 2,000 years. Better roll up our sleeves, there could be another 2,000!

  4. TC says:

    Jon, yes, I’m an optimistic amillennialist, in that the victory has already been won. 😉

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