Keeping Up Your Greek

This past weekend, two colleagues of mine who are still seminary students, were bemoaning the thought of keeping up with one’s New Testament Greek.  The question was put to me, Can you read Greek from any place in the New Testament?  I answered yes.

Let me recommend three books that I’ve found quite useful in keeping up with one’s New Testament Greek: (1) Elements of N.T. Greek by J.W. Wenham (available used at  Basic.  I just love this work.  I love the exercises–great for apply the basics as you go along.  It’s not overwhelming.  The person who is trying to keep up with his or her Greek doesn’t want anything too overwhelming.  (2) Learn To Read New Testament Greek by David Alan Black.  Intermediate.  I have fond memories of Black’s intermediate grammar (see my review here).  I especially love Black’s section on Greek Participles.  Again, this work is not overwhelming, which I understand can be a relative term.  (3) Keep Your Greek: Strategies for Busy People by Constantine R. Campbell.  As the title suggest, this is quite a practical work.  Get ready to DO, to READ and so on.

You may have other resources or other approaches, but I’ve found these three quite helpful over the years (though not so in the case of Campbell’s work, since it’s fairly new, 2010).

Have fun reading your Greek New Testament.

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