Can the Church Flourish in a Culture that Embraces Sexual Immorality?

In recent days Christians have rightly decried the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions in favor of gay marriage, calling them unjust, unwise and ungodly. The decisions will have adverse effects on society, and followers of Jesus should work tirelessly to see them overturned. At the same time, however, the Bible reminds us not to be discouraged or imagine that a culture awash in sexual immorality will rob the church of its power.

The first-century Roman Empire practiced and even embraced an array of sexual perversions, but God used that sin as a backdrop to highlight the power of the Gospel and the holiness of His church. Consider several of the cities where early believers lived.”  More here…

While this question points to matters of relevance, given who the questioner represents, American evangelical conservatism, I’m more intrigued by what the proposals will be?  And neither am I sounding the pessimism alarm.  Let’s just say that I haven’t been too impressed with past proposals to engage culture.

In other words, the Westboro Baptist Church is something of a byproduct of most of these proposals.

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