How to fix the Southern Baptist Denomination

Well, this comes down to what you think is wrong with the Southern Baptist denomination, a denomination that is reportedly in decline.

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5 Responses to How to fix the Southern Baptist Denomination

  1. Simon says:

    Well I cant speak about the SBC, because I wouldn’t know the specific problems they are facing. But I will say that denominationalism in general is in rapid decline in predominantly Protestant countries. And I do think that that root cause of this is the weak ecclesiology introduced at the Reformation. That’s a general observation on evangelicalism. I’m not sure whether this pertains to the SBC, but it might.

  2. David Beirne says:

    I hear this and yet our little SBC church is experiencing some growth and progress. Maybe it’s just too big and too celebrity driven to get blessed. There is such a huge superstructure for funding missions and other cooperative program stuff that it sometimes seems the purpose of the local church is to feed the monster ($$$). Don’t tell anybody I said this though.

  3. TC says:

    Simon, as an insider, I too point to ecclesiology, but you and I would certainly flesh this out differently. No need to blame the 16th century Reformation.

    David, I’ve come to accept the “monster,” to use your term. Now there is much to commend the convention, but if I hear you correctly, we are in need of some serious restructuring.

    I’m excited for you and your local church. Keep doing what you been doing. I hope it becomes contagious.

  4. bishopdave says:

    Have to admit our state convention has in fact invested in us a few times, in particular a Transformational Church retreat and a Sunday School outreach seminar.The local association is doing a great job leading us to address our inner city issues here. The size of the national work is just too unwieldy. Hopefully giving more power to local associations and smaller state conventions to run “the show” is the future. Get bigger by getting smaller. But there is power and position that must be surrendered.

    • TC says:

      “Get bigger by getting smaller. But there is power and position that must be surrendered.”

      Well put, especially on surrendering power and position. This will truly reveal how serious we are about diversity.

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