15 Things May Make Others Uncomfortable in Church

1. Ignoring people who are new or alone.

2. Talking and walking around during preaching.

3. Showing up late and leaving before service is over.

4. Texting and answering the phone during service.

5. Not dressing appropriately or dress too informal, including preachers.

6. Gossiping and judging others.

7. Sleeping in church!

8. Wear too much perfume to Church.

9. Chewing gum.

10. Save seats.

11. Children screaming or crying and parents do nothing about it.

12. Couples show too much affection during service and kiss each other in church.

13. Cellphones ringing during the service.

14. Checking Facebook or Twitter during communion.

15. Bring foods into the sanctuary.


–I miss the days of house church.

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7 Responses to 15 Things May Make Others Uncomfortable in Church

  1. Jon Hughes says:


    Yes, these things are rather common! My all-time favourite at my own church was when a regular attender of ‘Charismatic’ persuasion made his way into the kitchen during the middle the service, shortly to return having made himself a cup of tea! He then sipped away looking at people round about him with a cheesy smile. Presumably, he would defend his actions by asserting that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty 🙂


  2. Colin says:

    Very good. We don’t get all of them but I have certainly recognised over half to varying degrees.. The use of mobile devices is interesting. It is becmoing more commonplace. In some cases it is a case of following Bible references in electronic rather than hard copy format. But I suspect it is also general texting/Twittering (about the service/preacher?), checking e mails etc.

    It can therefore to my more traditional mind border on simple rudeness. A case for the supermarket checkout assistant? Jon will know what that refers to.!

  3. Lon says:

    #16. Drinking coffee in the worship service.
    #17. Being in a church that encourages you to bring coffee into the worship service.

    • Jon Hughes says:


      It’s all a bit too ‘consumer’, isn’t it? I was visiting an evangelical church in London a few years back when a man brought a Starbucks take-away coffee into the service. Not only did he arrive about twenty minutes late, but he proceeded to inadvertently kick it over when he stood up to worship. To my shame, I found it somewhat satisfying and poetic!

  4. Jon Hughes says:

    #18. (Conversely) being too friendly to newcomers. I’ve done this myself to visitors: make a bee-line for them at the end of the service; engage in conversation with them in an ‘over-the-top’ enthusiastic manner; ask them about a hundred questions concerning previous churches, when they got saved, how they got saved, etc; keep talking at them until their eyes glaze over; and unwittingly send them packing having made the great escape never to return…

  5. TC says:

    Jon, I thought that was what Saturday church was for? At least that has been my experience. 🙂

    Colin, yeah, our mobile devices are replacing our hardcopy Bibles more and more. I wonder if sales are down on Bibles now. At any rate, I’m old-fashion here.

    I know some preachers are encouraging questions via twitter and texting now, even during worship time. Just saying…

    Lon, I’m guilty as charge. In fact, last Lord’s Day I had my coffee with me. Well, we provide it too. 😀

    Jon, been there, done that.

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