My Hoodie and Tan

I didn’t think wearing my hoodie
To the neighborhood grocery,
To buy colorful skittles,
Would invite dark trouble.

Then it came to me,
It was not my hoodie,
Nor my skittles in my hand,
But it was my tan, my natural tan.

Like my skittles in hand,
I bought my hoodie I was wearing,
But not my tan I was in,
No, Not my tan, not my natural tan.

To me, my hoodie was fashion,
To others, my natural tan
Made me a marked man,
A dark man, a black man,
The subject of unchecked suspicion.

I can change my hoodie color,
Wear another, if you prefer.
But not my tan, my natural tan.
It is who I am.

(See One of the better Tweets After the Verdict)

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6 Responses to My Hoodie and Tan

  1. Scott says:

    I thought this was an interesting thought on the matter. Lord, have mercy on our souls.

  2. David Beirne says:

    No matter how it is spun, the young man was followed because of his tan. Had he not been followed, had the shooter waited till the young man DID something instead of LOOKED like something, how it would all be different.

  3. shawn h says:

    David, As I understand the event, Mr. Martin was not followed because of his skin color. He was acting suspiciously in an area he did not normally tread. Mr. Martin DID do something. Mr. Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman, was looking for individuals who were suspicious. Mr. Zimmerman did not have an issue with person’s of color, but with people who were acting suspicious in an area where they did not belong. If a suspicious Hispanic were walking around in Mr. Zimmerman’s neighborhood, in the same manner as Mr. Martin, would Mr. Zimmerman have confronted him? That was his job. Mr. Zimmerman had tan friends.

    I am so frustrated when people post and assume the Mr. Zimmerman HATE African Americans.

    • David Beirne says:

      Shawn what was he doing that was suspicious to warrant a call to police?
      “He was acting suspiciously in an area he did not normally tread.” So if someone visits a relative or friend in your neighborhood they should look like they “belong” there? . Did he not dress how he should, was he checking to see if car doors were locked or not, what was he doing warranting a call to police? Why follow him? if it’s gated police just have to drive around in there to find him. Usually those places are one way in and out.
      Sorry but the guy with the domestic violence restraining order against him in his past isn’t getting the benefit of the doubt with me. He’s not guilty, but it’s a great example of an unwise decision having repercussions never dreamed of. And it’s going to have further effects with the justice dept getting involved now, meaning a chance for feds to press up against state jurisdictions again.
      And as a 50 yr old white man who wears hoodies when its cold not sure what this means for me.

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