The American Church Must Take the Lead

Since the Trayvon-Zimmerman verdict, just about everyone is chiming in on race relations in America again.  Well, I have a different take.

I believe the American Church must take the lead.  We cannot wait for unregenerate, unredeemed, unbelievers to lead the way.

But too often the church just goes along with the American culture of oppression and discrimination, and we wonder why we are dragging along on race relations.

The church still mirrors the culture too much.  It needs to be countercultural.  In other words, the church must take the lead.  White evangelical males in positions of power and influence must take the lead.

I remain hopeful…

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2 Responses to The American Church Must Take the Lead

  1. Simon says:

    I remain hopeful too….

    But I’m wondering who you mean by unregenerate and unbelievers, because I thought most Americans in government are Christians.

    This case in general is sickening. As is American gun culture particularly in the South. You right abhor the abortion. But when someone stalks and shoots somebody else, this is somehow acceptable. Evangelicals are not pro-life… they are anti-abortion… but in no way can they be said to be pro-life. Abolish capital punishment, take guns off the street, support policies that help the sick and poor – then we can begin to use the term “pro-life”. I remain hopeful, but not that American evangelicals, with their political baggage, can take the lead. But that responsible and intelligent human beings made in the image of God can bring sanity to the stupidity and tragedy that is evident in this case.

  2. TC says:

    Simon, I have in mind biblical Christianity, unmistakable Christian, not an empty version of American Christian that many associate with it. Not the angry, anti-bunch…

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