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Russell Moore on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Preaching

“This week the nation marks 50 years since the 1963 March on Washington. The most famous moment of that historic event is, of course, the speech by Martin Luther King Jr., now one of the most iconic speeches in American … Continue reading

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John 6 and the Eternal Security of the Believer

Two Sundays back, while out of town, I had the pleasure of preaching from John 6.  As I was preparing to preach from the text of John 6, it struck me that Jesus in revealing himself as the Bread of … Continue reading

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In the Mail

After being out of town for some three weeks, it was great to come home a review copy of Timothy George’s Theology of the Reformers. Many thanks to B&H Academic. I’m really looking forward to reading and reviewing this work, … Continue reading

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A Baptist at a Catholic Mass

While out of town for about three weeks, I had the privilege of attending a Catholic Mass of a colleague of mine.  In typical Baptist fashion, I sat in the back. However, when my Catholic priest friend asked the attendees … Continue reading

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