The Preached Word without the Lord’s Supper?

Every time I leave worship on a Sunday–heard the Word preached, engaged in worshipful singing and fellowship, but no celebration of the Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion)–something always seems to be missing.  It is as if my gathered worship with other believers was incomplete.

Yes to the Preached Word.  Yes to the singing and praising.  Yes to the prayers.  Yes to the Scripture reading.  Yes to the recitation of the creeds.  Yes to tithes and offerings.  But I cannot say YES to the none observance of the Lord’s Supper when the church is gathered for worship on a Sunday.  I simply CANNOT.

The preached Word without coming to the Lord’s Table seems a strange thing to me these days.

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6 Responses to The Preached Word without the Lord’s Supper?

  1. Lon says:

    completely agree. Busy writing a long guest post on this now for a worship leader blog. (hope they’ll publish it)

  2. Jon Hughes says:

    I feel the same way. Not having it weekly (some churches have it daily!!!) is indicative that it is not regarded as vital to the spiritual health of the congregation as, say, pulpit preaching. Do you think this could be a historical reaction against Rome?

    If we really do believe that it is a sacrament/means of grace, why not every week? (My own church has it twice a couple of times a month.)

  3. ColinC says:

    In his commentary, “Luke for Everyone”, Tom Wright writes, in connection with Luke 24 v30 on”

    ” Scripture and sacrament, word and meal, are joined tightly together…. Take scripture away and the sacrament becomes a piece of majic. Take the sacrament away, and scripture becomes an intellectual or emotional exercise, detached from real life. Put them together and you have the centre of Christian living.”

    I found this quite searching when I preached on the episode earlier this year.

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