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The mind is the servant of the heart. Knowledge exists for the sake of love. And all theology worth its salt produces doxology.”  John Piper

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6 Responses to Quote of the Day

  1. simon says:

    TC, I wonder why Calvinists find it so hard to put this principle in practise. Perhaps you can shed some light? Btw, I think that quote is spot on. I agree with it completely. It just seems inconsistent with the system of theology known as Reformed or Calvinist.

  2. Simon says:

    TC, I guess from what I’ve seen and experienced from the Reformed, it is the intellectual understanding that matters and a tendency to hold matters of the heart (love, emotions, forgiveness etc) at a distance. The mind seems to rule the heart for the reformed – in practise if not in theory.

  3. Jon Hughes says:


    Doxology is certainly there for Calvinists like John Piper. The problem is that in his books he gets almost ecstatic about the notion that God can do whatever He pleases, even to the extent of pre-ordaining individuals to damnation for His glory. Taken to the extreme, this is no different from a Muslim’s concept of ‘Allah’ and the ensuing happy resignation to fatalism/God’s will. This kind of doxology certainly produces Christian hedonists, but comes with the risk of making one not very loving at all, except toward God and self. It’s a kind of drug that makes you feel good. To what extent it’s biblically-balanced is a matter of debate.

    Piper says: “Knowledge exists for the sake of love.”. I know from my own experience in Reformed circles that the actual outworking seems to be that knowledge exists in order to spot heretics, and be self-satisfied that we’re the ones holding down the truth compared with those ‘other’ churches.

    This is the mind-set. This is the fruit. I guess there’s different flavours of doxology 🙂

    • TC says:

      Simon and Jon: you guys are correct about devotion to the mind over the heart. It’s actually a self-critique in Reformed circles.

      But Jon, you are engaging in caricatures. To align the reformed God with Allah is a serious misunderstanding. This is not my God.

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