The Psalms as Poetry

It’s the third time this year I’m working my way through the Psalms, and I’m discovering something new each time, making the journey worth it every time.  I simply want to pause (perhaps the meaning of selah) to share that the poetry of the Psalms are so rich, deep, and awe-inspiring.

I’m getting a better grasp on them and the theology they come wrapped in.  Yes, the Psalms as poetry: the rhythm and rhyme of unfailing love, grace, mercy, and hope.  But not the kind of poetry that we are use.  They are so much more.

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2 Responses to The Psalms as Poetry

  1. David Beirne says:

    The Psalms, so human and personal, revealing the heart of fellow strugglers. Though divinely inspired, there is no censorship by the Holy Spirit of the groanings, complaints, and struggles. In the vernacular, the Psalms are “keepin’ it real.”

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