Mark Driscoll Invites John MacArthur to Resurgence Conference

Popular Seattle pastor and author Mark Driscoll has invited John MacArthur to his upcoming Resurgence Conference, November 5-6.

While in the area, Driscoll relates his visit to MacArthur’s recent and controversial Strange Fire Conference.  Driscoll also shares how he distributed free copies of his latest book A Call To Resurgence, on the one hand, and his run in with a few security guards on the other.

It seems that Mark Driscoll earnestly wants to have a dialogue with John MacArthur for kingdom purposes.  Driscoll adds,

Finally, I have spoken with Dr. Wayne Grudem, who has taught for both of us. If you would prefer to sit down with him instead of me at our Resurgence Conference, he has graciously agreed and would be happy to have a pleasant and polite public conversation with you about the person and work of God the Holy Spirit for one of the main sessions.

If there is anything you can think of that would help me make this offer more loving and reasonable, please let me know. The fruit of the Spirit is love, and that is my heartfelt hope. Thank you for considering this invitation.

A nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody,
–Pastor Mark Driscoll  (read more)

I wonder if John MacArthur will accept…

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3 Responses to Mark Driscoll Invites John MacArthur to Resurgence Conference

  1. Jon Hughes says:

    He’ll think it a STRANGE invitation 😉

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