The Truth About Thanksgiving

If you wish to know the “Truth About Thanksgiving,” historically speaking, then you should read this article at The Washington Post.

At any rate, as a Christ follower, I have so much to be thankful for.  So, in keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving here are a few things I’m thankful for:

My Family.  This past year has seen me grown in my affections for my family more than any other.

The Church.  By church I have in mind my local fellowship and the body of Christ.  I continue to be enriched by both.

God’s Faithfulness.  Finally, I’m thankful to God for his faithfulness.  I wanted to say “grace,” but this is implied.  While for a number of years I struggled in my faith, what kept me was the fact that God is faithful–yes, faithful in his love, his promises, and his presence (he has been with me ever since that day he claimed me as his own when I put my faith in his Son for salvation).

Before I forget, God has been faithful in his protection of and provision for–my family–all these years.

While everyday I’m thankful, at our Thanksgiving Day dinner the family use the time, like many other families, to go around the dinner table and share with one another what we are thankful.  It’s a time of the year I look forward to.

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