What is God Like?

“All Christian theology is about God as he is known to us in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Perhaps most important, the God of the gospel is a personal God. The God who was in Christ, who is the Father of Christ, and who raised Christ is a personal being with a will, and he works out that will in his personal relations with others. God is not the projection of our existential angst as to why we exist and for what purpose we are here. God is not the verbal expression that we give to the source of our religious consciousness. God is not the “vibe” in the bees, seas, and trees. God is the supernatural being revealed through creation, manifested in Israel’s history, testified in the Scriptures, incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth, and experienced in the Holy Spirit. The God of the gospel has a purpose, a plan, and a capacity to relate to others.”

Bird, Michael F. (2013-10-29). Evangelical Theology: A Biblical and Systematic Introduction (Kindle Locations 2644-2648). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.

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