When I Don’t Desire God

There are days when I awake and simply do not desire God.  Rather than desiring God, I discover a hollow place in my heart.  It’s dry. Empty. Barren.

I immediately know that something–rather–someone is missing.

Whenever this happens, my only refuge is to think about my faith in Christ and what it all means (sometimes even this is not without its challenges).

He loves me. Unconditionally. Eternally.

He died for me.

He intercedes for me.

And as I begin to recall and ponder these deep biblical truths and promises, a peace takes over–no doubt the peace of Philippians 4:7–which often leads to prayer and reading the Word.

These are the things that I find myself doing when I awake and simply do not desire God and his ways.  I thought I’d share…

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2 Responses to When I Don’t Desire God

  1. Todd Beal says:

    Thanks TC. This is a common phenomenon, and I believe it is the natural result of our fallen human state, which, if we are not vigilant, will subtly take over our redeemed spiritual state. This is why constant prayer and Bible reading (learning and reassuring ourselves of who God is and what he promises us) is so incredibly important to spiritually empower us to the end, to finish the race!

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