Rethinking Kindle: My Library on the Go

Some habits are more difficult to kick than others.  I have boxes of books in my garage, just waiting to find a new home on a book case.

But then Kindle happened.

I had always heard chatter about kindle over the years.  But being the anti-gadget guy that I was, I never saw myself giving up the feel and smell of my “traditional” books.

Now these days I’m singing a different tune.

I have kindle.

I love kindle.

Now I am often torn between getting a “traditional” book and kindle.  Instead of pulling a book off my shelf to read, I now go through my library on kindle.

In fact, while waiting for my name to be called at a recent dental appointment, I found myself reading Michael F. Bird’s Evangelical Theology on my Kindle. 😉

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8 Responses to Rethinking Kindle: My Library on the Go

  1. If I never buy another physical book, that’s okay. I enjoy the ability to carry my entire library with me everywhere. Plus, physical books are susceptible to the ravages of time, fire, and flood. Electronic books are mine and can be redownloaded if the device is damaged or lost.

    What really changed my mind about this was Hurricane Katrina. I saw professors at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary lose their entire personal libraries collected over an entire lifetime and career because their offices were on the first floor. I don’t want to ever have to go through that. I still have thousands of books, but I’m gradually replacing them and weeding them down. There are some physical books I’d keep for various reasons, but I’d like to get the number down to 500 or less, preferably 200 or less.

  2. Todd Beal says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, TC. Hopefully someday technology will afford us the best of both worlds; digital married with physical – the hybrid.

    • TC says:

      But what would that look like?

      • Todd Beal says:

        It would resemble a physical book with turnable, realistic paper-like pages, except the content is delivered digitally and on demand, just like the Kindle. And as with the Kindle, multiple books would be stored in this Real Book Emulator. Essentially, it would be a book that contains a library. I have thought about this for years, even before our modern gadgets existed. I think it would sell.

  3. David Beirne says:

    I got into Kindle when my phone came with the Kindle app. The small screen makes it a bit difficult for commentaries, etc., (currently reading Allison’s Historical Theology, and the 4 inch screen makes that a chore due to typeset in those extended quotes) but all those cool .99 and free fiction books it’s great. Putting the Kindle app on the pc enhances use of those commentaries and other works. I bought my wife a Kindle for Christmas 2012, and dropped several hints all year long yet NOTHING. So I’m buying me one for fathers day.

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