Three Questions

I took the liberty of providing a few short answers:

1.) What is the difference between Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology?

–Bottom line: how one interprets the Scriptures, especially in regard to Israel and the Church. While Dispensationalism speaks of distinct programs for ethnic Israel and the Church, Covenant Theology speaks of none.  So much more can be said… (see my post here)

2.) Should you leave a congregation if a woman is ordained as an elder?

–If your conscience would not allow because of your theological convictions (Rom. 14:23).  Al Mohler doesn’t see it as a gospel issue.

3.) Which theologians and pastors have had the greatest impact on your life and ministry?

–John Calvin and John Piper.

These three questions were posed to Al Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY.

You can check out Dr. Mohler’s answers here.

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6 Responses to Three Questions

  1. David Beirne says:

    According to Dr. Mohler, what exactly does the fox say?

    Sorry, that’s so last November.

  2. TC says:

    I hear you. 😉

  3. Simon says:

    I guess for the West in general, the most influential theologians must be Augustine of Hippo and Anselm of Canterbury (perhaps Thomas Aquinas can be put in this category as well). The Reformers stood on the shoulders of these men and their ideas permeate traditional Protestantism to this day.

  4. I see I’m not the only one enjoying The Briefing!

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