A John Piper Contradiction?

Famed Reformed author and theologian John Piper is usually very thoughtful and precise in his expression (I have been reading and listening to him for years now).  So when one reads the following, via Twitter, perhaps judgment should be suspended until a broader context is provided.

“Election is unconditional, glorification is not. So the certainty that the elect will be glorified rests on God’s enabling.” Source

Piper’s tweet, as I’m reading it, seems contradictory.  You see, Piper is a Calvinist.  From start to finish the Calvinist believes that salvation is all of God.  The why, “Election is unconditional, glorification is not”?

A Calvinist like Piper would turn to Romans 8:30 and say, “You see, all those who are predestined (the elect), are called, justified, and glorified.”  Not one of the “predestined” will failed to be called, justified, and glorified–and this is all from God.

So when Piper says that “the certainty that the elect will be glorified rests on God’s enabling,” it begs the question: Doesn’t unconditional election rests on God’s enabling as well?

Unless Piper’s “God’s enabling” and “Unconditional election” (of which God is the agent) are in no way connected and means totally different things in Piper’s ordo salutis.

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8 Responses to A John Piper Contradiction?

  1. Craig Benno says:

    I find Calvinism is full of illogical holes.. which is why every time I look a Calvinistic theology, I can’t take it seriously as a framework for my personal doctrinal belief system.

  2. TC says:

    Craig, fair enough. I can’t argue with that. 😉

  3. Jon Hughes says:

    He looks like he could do with a coffee! Why do the likes of Piper feel the need to come out with gobbledygook sound bites like this anyway? Why not just quote a Scripture passage? It would be far more profound.

    Couldn’t agree with Craig more.

  4. A Peterson says:

    I suspect what he’s getting at is that election is unconditional since it is independent of anything which God sees in our future, but glorification is “conditional” upon the previous steps in the ordo salutis taking place, including our perseverence. Our perseverence is by God’s enabling, therefore glorification is also by God’s enabling. In other words, election is unconditional but all else is “conditional” on our election, regeneration by the Spirit and god’s enabling grace to persevere.

    As such, it doesn’t happen ‘automatically’ but it is nonetheless certain because God, by his enabling grace, will bring about the glorification of all whom he calls and justifies.

    The problem of the tweeting format is that you have to leave all the intermediate steps out!

    • TC says:

      The problem with tweeting our theology. 😉 At any rate, for the elect it’s a done deal, according to Reformed soteriology.

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