Five Books I’m Reading

First.  I’m reading Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages.  I’m doing a lot of marital counseling these days.  I’ve found Chapman’s work very insightful.

Second.  I’m also reading Willard Harley Jr’s Effective Marriage Counseling, which draws on his more popular work His Needs, Her Needs.  I like his style as well.  Chapman and Harley complement each other well.

Third.  I find myself reading Heath Lambert Finally Free, not because I want to, but because I have to.  You see, I continue to see those who struggle with sexual purity.  I find Lambert’s work gospel-centered and quite practical.

Fourth.  on the lighter side, with the help of also helping others, I’m reading Max Lucado’s Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear.  I’ve read several of Lucado’s works.  He’s a great storyteller.  He is also very grace-oriented, a quality I’m drawn to in authors.

Fifth.  For my daily dose of theology, I’m reading Michael F. Bird’s Evangelical Theology.  It’s smart and witty.  Each section is gospel-centered and gospel-shaped.  Along the way, Bird interacts with theologians across the ages.  As a new theology, I commend Bird’s work.

There you go…

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