An Amazing Story of Personal Sacrifice

Todd-Lamphere-Randal-Miller-28sFrom time to time I visit Liberty University homepage, since I’m a graduate.  Well, yesterday I didn’t to make such a visit and was blessed with an amazing story of personal sacrifice and selflessness.

It began as a burden to pray for another man’s need.

Liberty University alumnus Randal Miller (’83), an evangelist from Altamonte Springs, Fla., had been suffering for years due to kidney failure and was in need of a transplant. While on a mission trip to Germany in 2012, his teammates prayed for him. But one teammate, his pastor, Todd Lamphere (’87) felt God call him to do more than just pray; he decided to find out if he was a match to Miller so he could donate his own kidney… full store here

Lamphere-Randal-Miller-prayer-hospital-201310261600591sThis is an example of what loving and serving one another in the body looks like.

This selfless sacrifice, in obedience to the nudging of God, is what will cause the world to take notice and conclude that we are indeed different.

This is what brotherly love looks like.

Thank you guys, for modeling love and obedience, first for God and then for one another.

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