On Leaving Your Denomination for Another

Today, a gentleman told me that he was about to leave his denomination.  Naturally, I asked him why.  He listed, not doctrinal issues, but immoral practices within the clergy.

Since I was also familiar with his denominational issues (because a clergy member within the denomination had shared the same concerns with me), I expressed my sympathy.  But I also mentioned the historical significance that his denomination was once known for, citing a historian.

I also mentioned that I was a Southern Baptist and even went into the denomination’s struggles with slavery and racism.  But I was mindful to mention where the denomination is now.

However, I told him that there will be some serious ecclesiological differences (for example, church polity, views sacraments/ordinance, role of women in ministry).

But doctrine was not an issue for him.

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4 Responses to On Leaving Your Denomination for Another

  1. Yeah, that’s not a reason to leave a denomination, but a lot of people are members of a denomination not out of doctrinal conviction but out of convenience.

  2. David Beirne says:

    Leaving a church or denomination, seldom hear doctrine being an issue (unless a hard turn was made, like Episcopalian church has gone through). It’s often just like this–whether the believer perceives that doctrine is being lived out or not. And often, noble reasons like the one given above will later be discovered to be a kind of cover story for underlying issues that don’t portray the believer in such a noble light. Just had a guy leave our church because “he felt led of the Spirit.” Ran into his adult son at the store–somebody ticked the guy off and he couldn’t get over it.

  3. TC Robinson says:

    Which says a lot about our Christian maturity.

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