Scot McKnight turns Anglican

New-Scot-McKnight-ImageWhere did this all begin? September, 1981, at St Peter’s Toton outside Nottingham Kris and I and kids wandered into the neighborhood Anglican church, loved both Curate John and Elisabeth Corrie, and we began our lifetime appreciation and formative influence of The Book of Common Prayer, and you may have detected my own interest in prayer books through my small book Praying with the Church. So there’s nothing at all close to any kind of major shift in our life to become Anglicans — we have sustained an Anglican connection for three decades.

Ever since I began teaching I have continued to use the BCP, occasionally we wandered into an Anglican communion church, but it was not until two years ago that we more officially entered into such a fellowship. We are looking forward to April 26 and would appreciate your prayers.”

You may read more about noted NT scholar and blogger Scot McKnight’s journey from an(Ana)baptist affiliation into Anglicanism here.

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