Book Review: Finally Free by Heath Lambert

9780310499237Recently someone came to my office, seeking counsel.  This person had been struggling with pornography since they were 14 years old.  This person was burdened with guilt.  They needed help.  I wanted to help.

I remembered I had ran across Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace, a book on how to be set free from pornography.  I went ahead and purchased it, seeking answers on how to help others with what has been described as The New Narcotic.  Below is a review:

An Overview

In the words of the author, “This book is about something much better than pornography.  This book is about the amazing power of Jesus Christ to free you from pornography” (p. 12).  Finally Free is gospel-centered, persuading the reader to focus on the forgiving and transforming grace that come from the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The author, Heath Lambert, has intentionally omitted those graphic and crude images and language that are often associated with pornography.  “It is sad that many employ impure, filthy, and crude language in resources designed to help people fight sexual immorality.  We cannot attain purity and morality by using language that is impure and immoral” (p. 14).

There are a number of case studies throughout, individuals and couples that the author has worked with (with protected identity, as we would expect).  The thesis of the book is substantiated with careful exegesis of Scripture.

A Critique

While I have nothing but praise for this book, I wish the appendix, “Help for Families and Friends of Men Struggling with Pornography,” would have been one of the chapters.  Why? when readers see appendix, they think “optional,” no need to read right now or at all.  Having read the appendix, I believe that it is not optional and is too relevant to be relegated “appendix.”  Next, Mr. Lambert targets men in this book.  I wish he had widened his scope.  Yes, as a society we tend to associate pornography with men, but there is growing evidence to demonstrate that pornography is becoming a problem among women as well.

Conclusion and Commendation

Recently at a training event, a lady mentioned how she had divorced her husband after thirty years of marriage.  As someone in the business of saving marriages, I was curious.  During a break, I went up to the lady and asked what had happened.  Her husband had been hooked on pornography.  They tried counseling.  It didn’t work.  And to make matters worse, the husband got involved with other women, even after promising to change.  I told her about the book Finally Free. 

Finally Free is needed. It is well-written. It is straight up. There is a call to repentance. Tough decisions have to be made. It is grace-saturated.  Pornography doesn’t have to have the finally say. People have and can be set free.

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