What My Daughter’s Hamster Taught Me

untitledWe added a new  member to our family back in March.  It’s my daughter’s Syrian hamster, Ferbie.  She wanted him for her birthday.

We were all excited to take Ferbie home from the pet store.  But after a few days, we wondered if we had made a mistake.  Ferbie would sleep all day but be up all night.  So we called Ferbie lazy.

But when we went back to the pet store, we were told that hamsters tend to be nocturnal, explaining Ferbie’s behavoir–asleep in the day but awake and hyperactive at night, all night long.

Before getting to know Ferbie, we made the assumption that he was lazy, and that we should take him back and get a daytime hamster.  But we were wrong.  You see, we had failed to get to know Ferbie–his ways, his nature, his behavior.

I’m afraid that we tend to make the same mistake with one another, that my family and I  made Ferbie, our hamster–making assumptions and judgments about one another before taking the time to really get to know one another.

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