When Your Convictions are Challenged

imagesCA7TQ0NZRecently, certain convictions that I hold to have been seriously challenged.  I had three options before me: 1. I could have compromised my beliefs.  2. I could have shown my utter disagreement and disgust with those I disagree with.  3. I could have shown love and respect with those I disagree with.  4. Or I could have reconsidered my convictions.

In my own imperfect way, I chose option 3.  But I don’t think it was sufficient.  In speaking with those I disagree, even though the intent of my heart was pure and kind, some of my words were poorly chosen.

As a minister of the gospel of Christ and one to whom others look for pastoral and spiritual care, two words are very important to me, hope and healing.  While it is never my intention to hurt others, I may have done so, in an effort to stand by my convictions.

In the end, I hold to this fundamental view, that we are all broken people, seeking wholeness.  For me, I look to Jesus and his gospel, hoping to point others to him, even when I do so imperfectly.

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2 Responses to When Your Convictions are Challenged

  1. Todd Beal says:

    Well said, TC. I appreciate the spiritual humility in your words.

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