I Met a Fan of Steve Furtick

While out of town for all of last week, the day before I had to return home, I went to a local Barnes & Noble.  As I was perusing the Christianity section, a gentleman asked me what I read lately (what a dangerous question, since I am always reading something).  I told him.

Screen-Shot-2013-04-23-at-10_18_14-AMHe picked up Crash The Chatterbox by Steve Furtick, pastor Elevation Church, one of America’s fastest growing megachurches, located in North Carolina.  He then asked me if I had read Furtick’s other book, Sun Stand Still.  I told him that while I knew who Steve Furtick is, I don’t know if I’ll read his books.

We got to talking about our church backgrounds.  Like Steve Furtick, I told him I too was a Southern Baptist and how I appreciate the fresh voice of a Steve Furtick.  He told me he grew up in a Lutheran home but has moved away from that.

He now worships in his living room on Sundays with the live streaming of Steve Furtick and the Elevation Church.

I looked at my watch and I realized that I had to meet up with a few friends for dinner.  I was already running late.

But on my way out, a thought came to me.  I didn’t mind running late.  I wanted to find out from the gentleman–How does he experience church community from his living room, while worshiping to the live streaming of Steve Furtick and the Elevation Church?

For some reason, I couldn’t find him, and I had to get to dinner.

Now, I can understand if this young man is searching and Steve Furtick is filling a void, but if this young man’s living room becomes not a means but an end to doing church, then I fear for him.

While I am not here questioning the young man’s salvation experience in the Lord, I am very concern about his growth in the Lord, which is to take place in a local church community.

Neither do I believe the Apostle Paul intended for his sermon scrolls to be read in one’s living room apart from that communal experience in a local church.

So I hope there is something in Steve Furtick preaching and teaching that would challenge this young man to get plugged in a local church and quit being a fan of Steve Furtick and the Elevation Church.

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2 Responses to I Met a Fan of Steve Furtick

  1. Colin says:

    Steve was one of the speakers at the Leadership conference run by Holy Trinity Brompton in London a year ago. A very gifted speaker, especially in the optional seminar I attended. His adress at the closing act of worship was powerful and relevant, although personally I felt it would have been improved if he had not shouted for the greater part of it. But then maybe that is because I am a fairly typical Brit!

    Like you I am worried that operating a television based house church, while certainly providing some fellowship and interaction, will result in stunted spiritual growth. No real as opposed to virtual church is perfect, least of all my own CoE. But they usually have a basis for oversight, checks and balances. For me as a licesensed lay minister this includes my own parish presbyter, then a structure of the local area Deanery and up to the bishop from whom I hold my licence. Other churches have their own variations of how to deliver this oversight – including the more congregational groups e.g. Baptists. I struggle to see how such oversight can be delivered in the example you quote. So I too hope he links up with a local bible based church where he can receive personal encouragement and nourishment.

    • TC Robinson says:

      Colin, thanks for this. Yes, I hope he makes that transition into a local church. He needs to be plugged in. I’ll go far to argue that it’s part of discipleship. Yes, I’ve heard that Steve is an excellent speaker. I haven’t had the chance to listen to him. Perhaps I should. 😉

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