Has Facebook Already Supplanted Traditional Blogs?

Recently Brian Leport posted that his blog Near Emmaus was going away.  Several people mentioned that Facebook is partly to be blamed.

I’ve also noticed that folks rather comment on your blog contents at Facebook rather than visiting your actual blog to do so.

Then, farewell blogs!

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9 Responses to Has Facebook Already Supplanted Traditional Blogs?

  1. Brian LePort says:

    In part, I began to think that blogs weren’t worth the energy because people never comment on them but choose instead to comment on the link on FB or Twitter.

    • For any given post, I might get blog comments, FB comments and twitter comments. In fact, there are a handful of people that always email their comments directly to me rather than post to the blog. Facebook “pages” or “groups” seem to be more useful than a year or two ago, certainly more comments and followup there than a blog post.

      In any event sorry to see Near Emmaus inactive.

  2. Craig Benno says:

    I think blogs are well worth the effort. Though I haven’t been blogging as much for other reasons. My facebook account is used for a variety of reasons, and linking to my blog, or others, is a way of asking my face book friends to engage on a different level, then what they can or want to on a normal status.

    I see the two complementing each other, and in many ways, the blogs are the driving force for the discussion on face book.

  3. Gary Zimmerli says:

    I have been quite inactive on my blog for quite some time. I’m spending the time at Facebook, for the most part. But i was just thinking yesterday that I will probably start blogging more again, because they are two different things, and one can say things on a blog…you can write more complete ideas on a blog, than is usually done on Facebook. It seems to me each has its place. Perhaps FB is tending to weed out the blogs and bloggers that needn’t be. Perhaps the writers will soon see the need to write a blog once again. I think I will.

  4. Jon Hughes says:


    I’m not on Facebook, don’t do it!

  5. Simon says:

    The fact that you’re referring to “traditional blogging” makes me feel old 😉

  6. Until Facebook is replaced. How do FB posts rank in search listings?

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