Is Physical Health a Spiritual Issue?

Screen%20Shot%202014-06-25%20at%202_16_35%20PMAs someone who looks out for his physical health, the post Is Physical Health a Spiritual Issue? over at Relevant Magazine, got my attention.

After reading the article, I was left somewhat disappointed, concluding that the Scripture passages used to make the case, whatever that was, didn’t actually cohere–at best, they were taken out of context.

First Timothy 4:7, which actually speaks to physical training, was not even cited.  But I do agree that we must give our bodies to God (Rom. 12:1), and I wholly appreciate the piece on Christian Gnosticism and how, though as a theology it was pretty debunked by the end of the first century, it lived on in certain expressions of Christianity, for example, monasticism and some evangelicals ban on dancing.

To his credit, however, the author of the article was careful to add that not because a person doesn’t engage in physical exercise means  he or she is not a good Christian (full article here).

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