What Religious Freedom Is Not

Religious-freedom-part-fourReligious freedom is rooted in our DNA.  We were created for religious freedom, precisely because we bear the image of God (imago Dei).  I’m thankful that religious freedom has been enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  I’m also thankful for my ancestors who have fought and died for religious freedom.

And while Hobby Lobby has scored a victory against the the mandate of the Affordable Care Act to make certain methods of birth control available as part of its employee health plan, and the matter of religious liberty is being blogged and talked about, religious freedom can be taken away.

What do I mean?  While we are free to express ourselves religiously, the means may not always be there.  In fact, many do not enjoy the religious freedom that we enjoy here in the United States.  Religious freedom is NOT guaranteed.

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