Should Women Serve as Bishops?

women_bishops_cofeIn 2013, the General Synod–the Church of England’s governing body–came within six votes of allowing women bishops.  According to RNS, “Senior sources say that revised legislation has convinced those who voted against women as bishops in 2013 to change their minds.”

Before I offer my own position on the matter, N.T. Wright’s “The Biblical Case for Ordaining Women,” in Surprised by Scripture, has actually challenged my own complementarian position more than any other work I’ve read on the matter (Wright combines thoughtful arguments from the Bible, tempered with cultural sensitivity.).

My position: if the General Synod of the Church of England shares the same views as one of their own, N.T. Wright, then by all means they should allow women to serve as bishops.

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2 Responses to Should Women Serve as Bishops?

  1. Colin says:

    Looks as if I must add this book to my Amazon wish list. NTW is occupying a lot of space on my shelves – and increasing.

    For myself I hope the measure is passed tomorrow. I trust we at last have safeguards in place for those who cannot in all good conscience accept a woman’s authority to be able to function within the greater body.

    • TC Robinson says:

      It’s worth the investment. Frankly speaking, I believe everyone should be reading Wright, whether you agree with him or not. Why? Because he challenges you to rethink what you believe.

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