Bill Cosby responds to Victoria Osteen

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5 Responses to Bill Cosby responds to Victoria Osteen

  1. Jim K says:

    Sad – another set-absorbed “pastor” teaching a congregation that the world revolves around them. Thus, the foundation of cynicism, hurt, depression, anger at God, has been laid.

    There are some who honestly teach out of ignorance or lack of knowledge. But this couple, I believe, it purposefully set on deception, because “it’s not about God, but about you.” Straight from the garden.

    “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.”

    • TC Robinson says:

      Jim, I don’t know if it’s purposefully deceiving, or that they themselves have been deceived and do not know better?

      • David Beirne says:

        Ya think James 3:1 should apply to the Osteens? I read someone else commenting on this very video that we should cut the Osteens some slack. I can’t do it. They are not illiterate. But my people are perishing from a lack of knowledge. And if you check the Hosea 4 context, the ones lacking knowledge are the priests.

  2. Jon Hughes says:

    Ah, the wisdom of Bill Cosby… succinct and to the point!

  3. TC Robinson says:

    David, you have a point.

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