Scot McKnight’s Kingdom Conspiracy

Over at Euangelion, Mike Bird, who received a pre-pub copy of Scot McKnight’s new book Kingdom Conspiracy: Returning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church, gives a snapshot:9781587433603

In a nutshell, McKnight argues that there are two predominant views of “kingdom” operating in and around evangelicalism. First, the skinny jeans view, which equates kingdom with social justice. Second, the pleated pants view, where kingdom equates to God’s redemptive work. McKnight wants to affirm the good of social justice work and the necessity of proclaiming salvation to the lost, but he wants to bring kingdom in closer proximity to church. The problem is that Protestants are absolutely paranoid about drawing kingdom and church together, cause, you know, that’s what Catholics believe. So McKnight begins his case arguing that analytically the very idea of a “kingdom” is that of a people ruled by a king.

Seems like I’ve read this book before.  Perhaps he will ultimately be arguing for a balance approach to the matter.  At any rate, Scot McKnight is a breath of fresh air.  It should be a good read.

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