Reflections on John Eldredge and Wild At Heart Boot Camp

WAHLast Thursday night through midday Sunday (October 16-19), along with just over twenty men, I was blessed to be a part of John Eldredge’s Wild At Heart Boot Camp.

Location.  We spent the time together at a camp site operated by a local United Methodist church in the area.  I thought it was an awesome location for the event: bonfires at night, canoeing and kayaking in the day, with the distraction of your North Carolina mosquitoes.

I shared a cabin room with another brother in the Lord.  For breakfast at 8am, we would cross a wooden bridge to get to our dining facility.

Contents.  We gathered in a room and watched John Eldredge and other Ransomed Heart team members deliver contents from his New York Times Bestseller Wild At Heart.  When the book was first released in 2001, I was blessed to read it (for what I’ve learned from Eldredge see here).

If you have ever read Wild At Heart or any other work of Eldredge, you would quickly discover that he uses movies as illustrates, concluding that not only are they modern parables, but they are telling our story and that is why we are drawn to them (he definitely has a point here).  Clips from movies like Braveheart, Gladiator, October Sky, Lord of the Rings, Good Will Hunting, The Kid, The Kingdom of Heaven–were so powerful.

But it’s those alone times, with a few questions to help you dig deeper, that I found the most rewarding.  We were given 45 minutes to be alone with God and the questions.

Our last night together, Saturday night, we watched Lone Survivor.

Over the years I’ve attended a number of camps like this one.  God have used them to bless me, especially where I was in my life.  And now, at this point in my life, the good Lord knew that I needed John Eldredge and the Wild At Heart Boot Camp.

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3 Responses to Reflections on John Eldredge and Wild At Heart Boot Camp

  1. Craig Benno says:

    I’m glad to read your not anti Eldredge. I too have been blessed through his Wild At Heart themes, and it saddens me when I have seen many anti what he is about.

    • TC Robinson says:

      Craig, those who are anti-Eldredge really do not understand where he’s coming from. Do I agree with everything he teaches? No. But I do get his overall message and really appreciate how the Lord has been using his ministry to bless men, in particular.

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