You’re My Beloved Son

Commenting on Luke 15:20, and our heavenly Father’s willingness to heal those wounds from our boyhood, as we move through the stages in that masculine journey, as men, John Eldredge notes,

Filled with compassion, our Father God will come like a loving Father, and take us close to his heart.  He will also take us back to heal the wounds, finish things that didn’t get finished.  He will come for the boy, no matter how old he might now be, and make his beloved son.”  —Fathered by God, emphasis added

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3 Responses to You’re My Beloved Son

  1. theoldadam says:

    Love it!

    Thanks for sharing, TC.

  2. Colin Heath says:

    I second that. It is in similar vein to a word of encouraging I was given when receiving prayer ministry when on retreat at Lea Abbey (Devon UK) last July. A word I needed very much at that time.

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