The Challenge of Advent

For those who have challenged themselves once again this season of Advent, I will like to share the following with you:

AdventAs I continue my daily Advent readings, I’ve found myself rather challenged by what I’ve been reading.  Here’s why: Advent has not only given me the opportunity adore Jesus, but it has also challenged me to take stock of my life as a Christ follower–I need to be more Christlike, more Christ-centered.

For me, it’s what I call the challenge of Advent.  And as you continue your Advent journey–whether with your church community, a small group, family, or as an individual, many blessings on you and may your heart be once again refreshed by the beauty that is our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.

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2 Responses to The Challenge of Advent

  1. Colin Heath says:

    My Diocesan Advent reflections have led in similar directions. Earlier they looked at relationships, especially Ruth and our corporate lives and atitudes. And today (it is midday 20th Dec in UK as I write this), with the famous Micah 6 v 8 there is a real challenge to our individual lives.

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