Back to Basics: Redeeming Christianity

b2bSimplicity isn’t the equivalent of simplistic.  To ask for a simple life is not to trade depth for shallowness.  Rather, to seek simplicity is to strip oneself of all the clutter of the mundane and superficiality and get back to basics.

To be Christian is to be countercultural.  It’s a subversion of a culture that is profoundly anti-Christian.

And I was never more reminded of this need to get back to basics than this past Christmas.  Like ancient Lot, according to 2 Peter 2:7, my spirit was “distressed by the depraved conduct” of many during Christmas: it became more about satisfying our fallen and unredeemed desires than about adoring Jesus–the reason for the season.

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2 Responses to Back to Basics: Redeeming Christianity

  1. nwroadrat says:

    We’ve also run off the Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus), the Greek bishop and gift-giver. We made a point to have a low key Christmas this year; less stress and less hubbub. On Christmas, we had a conversation about the real Saint Nicholas and who he was.

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