Recovering Bible Memorization: Beyond A New Year’s Resolution

BMDuring my teens and twenties, I made it something of an art to memorize large portions of the Bible.  I took great delight in Bible memorization.

Then, I didn’t as much.

Now, it’s only for sermon preparation.

And now, the new year is here and folks are about New Year’s resolutions, as usual.  For me, though, it’s something I always wanted to get back to: you know, that joy of Bible memorization!

Then, there are the numerous benefits of Bible memorization.  Just to name a few: aids mind and thought renewal, makes the Word of God foundational in life, enriches the believer’s prayer life, aids in spiritual warfare, etc.

A Few Tips:

  1. Begin with prayer.
  2. Check your motive.
  3. Know your self (perhaps you can only do a verse or a part of a verse.  Begin there, where you’re comfortable.)
  4. Press on (discouragement will come, so keep at it.  Don’t give up.)
  5. Journal your thoughts (whatever the Lord is revealing to you, record.)

I’m sure you can think of more, but these are just a few to help you on your journey of Bible memorization, for this new year and beyond…

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