Quote of the Day: Peter Enns

Over the years I’ve grown more and more convinced that ‘storytelling’ is a better way of understanding what the Bible is doing with the past than ‘history writing.'” –Peter Enns, The Bible Tells Me So

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12 Responses to Quote of the Day: Peter Enns

  1. Craig Benno says:

    It depends on how you understand the story telling. Spong says the same thing – but, he has a different understanding of story; than what I understand it to mean.

  2. Mike Gantt says:

    T.C., have you fallen from grace? That quote would be edifying to me if it came from the lips of someone who regarded the Scriptures as the word of God, but I know that Peter Enns desires to the Bible discredited insofar as its historicity is concerned. But if we cannot trust the Bible on history, neither can we trust it on theology.

  3. TC Robinson says:

    Is Mr. Enns denying the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Perhaps you need to rethink this false dichotomy you has set up.

    • Mike Gantt says:

      The only false dichotomy is Peter’s, for he has decided that Paul’s logic in that passage applies to the resurrection of Christ but not to any of the other historical claims of the Bible.

      • TC Robinson says:

        Mike, the Bible is a complicated book: a one-size-fit-all approach will not work. Each section must be weighed on its own terms.

      • Mike Gantt says:


        If Jesus is Lord, we have no choice but to adopt the attitude toward Scripture that He held. For Him, of course, it was inviolable. To your point, not all the Bible speaks of historical things, but those parts that do, we are obliged to take as historical – if Jesus is our Lord. History matters in the Bible and thus it mattered to Jesus. He even rooted His sexual ethic not in the provisions of Mosiac law but rather in the history of our origin through Adam and Eve.

        I’m glad that Peter has not yet denied the resurrection of Christ, but he has set himself and those who follow him on the path to doing so. For if Moses and the Prophets could not get the past right (i.e. history), how in the world can they be expected to have gotten the future right (i.e. prophecy). Is prophecy not harder than history?

        All that said, I do not want to quarrel with you so this will be my last comment on this post. And I can only conclude by saying that you are not the T.C. I remember, for the T. C. I remember would have been arguing my side of this issue – not yours. Maybe I never really knew you.

  4. TC Robinson says:

    Mike, I truly appreciate your participation, “as iron sharpens iron, so one brother sharpens another.” Yes, we can certainly agree to disagree on the matter.

    Regarding your concern, I’ve always kept an open mind. This is the TC you should remember.

  5. Craig Benno says:

    Regarding Enn’s. In college we were forced to read research. Much went against my prior fundi understanding of the Scriptures, and I am much richer for doing do. I have read some which I consider totally off this planet. But, even with those who I think are way out – I have found some gems of understanding.

    My personal view is. Prove me wrong. If I am wrong, then I want to know. Ethically, if you can prove me wrong, or mistaken, then I have to change or nuance my beliefs somewhat. But, if you can’t, then my beliefs become stronger in the process. Either way, its a win / win situation.

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