Awesome Bibles but Awkward Bible Translation

ESV EditionsJust received an email titled A Bible to Help Kids Love God’s Word. I love the title.  Awesome concept.  But the Bible translation is another issue.

We talking English Standard Version (ESV).  I don’t believe another Bible publishing house puts out as many editions of their Bible translation as Crossway does for the ESV.  I’ve seen them.  Many are awesome.

Recently I picked up the ESV Reader’s Bible.  Great looking Bible.  I loved holding it.  Awesome font and binding.  But then I was reminder that it was the ESV translation.  I had to put it back on the shelf and sigh.

Again, awesome editions to choose from, but the reading experience is not the smoothest.  In fact, it can be quite frustrating at times (speaking from reading experience here).

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3 Responses to Awesome Bibles but Awkward Bible Translation

  1. nwroadrat says:

    Allow me to stir the pot again…The ESV – God’s only inerrant translation.
    Remember a few years people switching because of all the editions Zondervan put out for the NIV? The NIV was supposedly all about the money. The switch was on to something more pure.
    Now Crossway, is doing the exact same thing. And don’t forget they were the company that used to put out those dorky Christian romances and conspiracy books.

  2. Jon Hughes says:

    Unless it’s been updated, the ESV still has words like “kindred” – you might as well stick to the KJV if you want that kind of language.

  3. TC Robinson says:

    Steve, yeah, it’s all strange.

    Jon, the ESV is an improvement in many ways, but it’s so difficult to read at times. They need to work on smoothing it out.

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