N.T. Wright on the Design of the Four Gospels

four-gospelsThe gospels are, and were written to be, fresh tellings of the story of Jesus designed to be the charter of the community of Jesus’s first followers and those who, through their witness, then and subsequently, have joined in and have learned to hear, see, and know Jesus in word and sacrament.” —How God Became King

If you have not read Wright’s How God Became King, let me challenge you to consider doing so.  It’s Wright’s invitation to Christians from all backgrounds, “to read these explosive first-century books again with fresh eyes and to face once more the questions and challenges they actually offer, rather than the questions and challenges, important though they are in themselves, that we have regularly imagined they do.”

Perhaps, like me, you too need to rethink how you actually read the Gospels.

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2 Responses to N.T. Wright on the Design of the Four Gospels

  1. Jim K says:

    Just finished it – typical excellent work by NT Wright. Goes hand in hand with McKnights’, “King Jesus Gospel.”

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