How should Sunday be spent?

worshipIt’s a question I’ve never really addressed on this blog, but every time I return home from church on any given Sunday, it’s one I ask myself.

I’m hardly a fundamentalist, as this blog would undoubtedly reveal.

And like most, I, too, find Sunday to be a special day.

But after church, when I return home, I find myself watching the same TV shows and movies that I’ve been watching all week.

Perhaps my inner tension should serve as a guide.

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2 Responses to How should Sunday be spent?

  1. An interesting question to which I have no real answer! The principle of Genesis 2 seems to be that God rested from his labours and so should we. But what constitutes rest from normal labours. Can it not include gardening, say? Then it surely rightly becomes a day for honouring and worshipping God. From that comes the very strict interpretation derived by the likes of the Free Presbyterians of Scotland from the Westminster Confession and associated Catechisms. But I find it a little surprising that they take down their website on a Sunday. While they may argue that handling a computer is not something we should be doing on the Sabbath, it could be argued that exploring their site for its biblical teaching etc is very much in accordance with their defined correct use of the special day.

    So I share your unease about getting a proper take on all this. For ourselves we do try to avoid shopping on Sundays, though very occasionally we have succumbed. And we may well watch our normal TV fare, especially as Sunday evening is a common time for our preferred dramas! Forgive these ramblings. No doubt there are some who could shoot at me!

  2. TC Robinson says:

    Thanks for your honest reflection. My own take is that while we can look to the OY for guidance, we must do so carefully. We don’t want to be legalistic or misreading Scripture.

    But one thing is certain, it’s a sacred day. Perhaps this alone should serve as a guide as we seek answers

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