Christ is the Hermeneutical Key

nail-it-to-the-cross_t_noverse1Perhaps to some this goes without saying, but I’m confident that most Bible readers don’t get this: they may have heard it, read it, or even preached it, but until it sinks in, really sinks in–this fact of Christ as the hermeneutical key has eluded them.

It certainly eluded me.

I’ve been preaching since age 19.  I have degrees in biblical and theological studies.  I’ve read a number of books on preaching, including Bryan Chapell’s noteworthy Christ-centered Preaching.

But I cannot honestly say that I truly got it (Christ is the hermeneutical key), or rather, been a consistent practitioner.

Lately, however, ala Charles Spurgeon, “Prince of Preachers,” I’m beginning to notice how all roads lead to Christ, while all along paying attention to the ditches, potholes, etc. (how the first listeners and readers heard and read the text).

Until we see Christ as the hermeneutical key in all of Scripture, I don’t believe we are being faithful and true to Scripture.  And our preaching and teaching will only be moralistic (self-help-ish) and never truly redemptive (pointing to Christ and his works).

It’s the implications of Luke 24:44.

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