What is so Appealing about the Anglican Communion?

anglican-communion-logo-1Over the weekend, I learned that a friend of mine is considering ordination in the Anglican Communion. While he’s no Scot McKnight or Michael Bird, both of which switch to the Anglican Communion in recent years, his reasons for joining the Anglican Communion are admirable.

The Liturgy.  He grew up in a rather low type, evangelical church.  For example, he confessed to me that he didn’t even know what was Advent and Lent until seminary days.

The Sacraments.  Again, this brother wanted something more.  He described his soul as impoverished.  There was so much to the sacraments that he was missing out on.

The Likes of Packer, Lewis, NT Wright.  He further shared with me that his respect for the likes of J.I. Packer, C.S. Lewis, and Wright has really impacted his consideration.

Thus far, he says he only objects to their apostolic succession claims (but it’s a minor issue for him).

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1 Response to What is so Appealing about the Anglican Communion?

  1. T.C. I didn’t realize that M Bird had switched over to Anglicanism. I was saved through the ministry of a charismatic Anglican church – and spent many satisfied years with them. I still go through the prayer book collect time to time for a personal devotional.

    With so much of the Anglican communion turning to liberalism; its great to read that Bible loving, Jesus believing, cross centered Christians are hearing God’s call to be ordained in the communion.

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