A Conversation about God, Jesus, and the Bible

Recently a friend told me he had to show me something that would blow my mind.  I followed him to his vehicle.  He turned on his radio.  It was set to a Christian station.

You see, my friend is something of an agnostic.  For some reason, he struggles with the idea of God, Jesus, and the Bible.  But here he was, listening to a Christian radio station.

I was encouraged by what could only be described as a move of the Spirit of God.

For about a year now, my friend and I would have occasional conversations about God, Jesus, and the Bible.  He believes in some kind of a higher power, a supreme being, if you will.  Call this being God, if you like.

But he would have none of the Jesus of the Bible and evangelical Christianity.  He thinks Jesus was just a mortal man and not God.  As to the Bible, he believes it was written by man–nothing supernatural about it.

I said to him, “I’m encouraged by the fact that you’re listening to Christian radio.  I while back I know you would not be listening to this kind of stuff.”

My only role here is to continue to pray and witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ by my life and words, around this friend of mine.

The drawing. The opening of the heart.

The Lord, through his sovereign grace, will execute all this, in due time, if it be his will.

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4 Responses to A Conversation about God, Jesus, and the Bible

  1. Colin Heath says:

    What a fabulous account of the Holy Spirit at work in a life. God certainly makes the seed grow, as we are there to plant, water, and I pray bring in the harvest.

  2. Jon Hughes says:

    “The Lord, through his sovereign grace, will execute all this, in due time, if it be his will.”

    Hi TC,

    Will pray too, brother.

    But as for your statement above, does it not sound more like the King Artaxerxes of the book of Esther (or any other Mesopotamian despot, for that matter) than our Abba Father?

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