‘War on Christmas’? Starbucks’ Holiday Cups causing a Stir

cup-13_515x390A simple change in the design of Starbucks’ holiday-themed cups has left critics and some Christians with a not-so-merry feeling. They claim it’s yet another war on Christmas… more

According to a Chicago Tribune article, there’s even one former pastor who thinks Starbucks hates Jesus.

And to compound the matter,

In the video, Feuerstein added that he wore a Jesus Christ T-shirt into the store “just to offend” — and also brought his gun with him, since Starbucks “hates” the Second Amendment. (Starbucks has expressed disapproval of guns in its locations in the past, but not banned them. Arizona, meanwhile, is an open-carry state.)

I wonder if this pastor thinks his actions are Jesus-approved, if you will?

A gun?!

You talk about twisted Christianity!  There should be another label for this kind of a folly.

And the name of Jesus is once more open to ridicule, in all of the wrong ways.

P.S. I’m off to Starbucks…

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3 Responses to ‘War on Christmas’? Starbucks’ Holiday Cups causing a Stir

  1. Lon Hetrick says:

    Hey TC. Thanks for this. I also think your word “folly” is apt. I posted about this in 2013 if you’re interested in my perspective. http://averageus.com/2013/06/09/7-reasons-christians-should-not-boycott-starbucks/

  2. nwroadrat says:

    I call this car chase Christianity, that’s gone to the dogs. After this passes, the hounds will be sitting at the side of the road waiting for the next car that looks good to chase.

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