On the Humanity of Jesus

Jesus had a body like ours.  That means he ate like us, drank like us, and slept like us.  He went through puberty.  As a human being, he would have experienced the normal sexual longings and urges.  We know he was unmarried and celibate, but he would have, as a human being, felt all the normal sexual attractions and desires.  Those are far from sinful, after all.  He may even have fallen in love with a girl in Nazareth.”  –from James Martin, SJ, Seven Last Words, pp. 76-77

humanityofJesusEutyches, (born c. 375—died 454), monastic superior, in the Eastern Church, at Constantinople, in his reaction against Nestorianism (which taught that Christ had two natures), he taught that the human nature of Christ was absorbed by the divine, which became known as Eutychianism and was condemned, along with Nestorianism, as heresy at the Council of Chalcedon, A.D. 451.

We may not formally identify ourselves as Eutychians but sometimes our views on the humanity of Jesus may betray us.  Sometimes we forget Jesus was human just like us.

As we continue our journey through Lent, toward Holy Week and Easter, let’s ponder the humanity of Jesus of Nazareth and what it means for our own journey.

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