Are Megachurch Pastors hurting the Body of Christ?

small-churchWe now measure the success of ministry based on the size of the pastor’s church?  Pastors are often caught up in this as well.  Pastors find themselves apologizing for how small their churches are.

We hardly measure success in ministry on faithfulness anymore–faithfulness to one’s calling, faithfulness to the preaching of the Word, faithfulness to the people you minister to, faithfulness to the community where you minister.

Recent comments by megachurch pastor Andy Stanley and the reactions from many quarters have me thinking about all this.

It’s the I-belong-to-Paul-I-belong-to-Cephas-I-belong-to-Apollos drama all over (cf. 1 Corinthians 1-4).  It’s not healthy!

It stinks, Andy Stanley!!!

However, on a more positive note, I think of the many faithful pastors that I know, who are faithfully grinding it out in their local ministries–simply being faithful to the Lord, the people he has called them to, and the communities he has called them to.

They are not caught up in the glamor and glory, nor the numbers.  They simply love the Lord and his people.

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