Stopping Donald Trump

New Leaven is not known for dabbling in politics.  However, when its tagline is rethinking faith and culture, with the emphasis on culture, this time around, then I’m compelled to speak to culture from my faith perspective.

DonaldTrumpMr. Donald Trump’s campaign stirs anger, bigotry, hatred, and downright stupidity in others.

He preys on the hatred, bigotry, stupidity, and anger, in those who have concluded that their privileged status has been threatened.

They’ve concluded that Mr. Donald Trump is their man, because these are fueling his campaign–somehow.

Now, if you’re in the business of building bridges–between peoples of all walks of life–how can you rally behind a bigot like Mr. Trump?

If you’re a catalyst for improving human relationships–no matter a person’s race, nationality, economic standing, and so–you simply cannot rally behind a Mr. Donald Trump.

Mr. Donald Trump must be STOPPED.

The country doesn’t need the likes of him.

Instead, we are called to love–it’s the Jesus way (Matthew 22:37-40)!

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9 Responses to Stopping Donald Trump

  1. Lon Hetrick says:

    Agreed! Here’s my take: Donald Trump and Christian Identity:

  2. TC Robinson says:

    Thanks, Lon. I appreciate your post.

  3. Jon Hughes says:


    I think part of the appeal is that people have simply had enough of the same-old-same-old. Trump isn’t an establishment politician, isn’t politically-correct, is completely full of himself, and has tremendous self-belief. It’s easy to see why he appeals. In the age of Reality TV, he’s the perfect candidate 😉

    On the other side, Hilary Clinton doesn’t exactly excite. Can we override the constitution and have another four years of Obama? You did that with Roosevelt. Surely these are exceptional circumstances too!

  4. TC Robinson says:

    There’s no doubt in my mind that large numbers of decent, ordinary Americans are tired of the establishment, despite the indecency of Mr. Trump. But let’s not excuse his blatant indecency for someone who aspires to the highest office in the US.

    • Jon Hughes says:


      I’m not trying to exonerate him or excuse him. If the unthinkable happens, he’ll inevitably calm down and get some good people around him.

      But which candidate does represent “love” and “the Jesus way”? Hillary Clinton? Or is she a calculating career politician who listens to the strategists and says the right things in order to get the votes of specifically targeted socio-ethnic groups?

      I’m trying not to be cynical here.

      • TC Robinson says:

        My statement about “love” and “the Jesus way” is more for the church and its responsibility.

        My friend, Mrs. Clinton is another case altogether. 😉

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