The Theology of Ted Cruz


Several weeks ago, I linked to a Christianity Today article on the Theology of Donald Trump.  It is only fitting to feature the Theology of Ted Cruz, Mr. Trumps closest rival on the GOP presidential bid.

Mr. Ted Cruz grew up in a conservative Christian home.  He was heavily influenced by the Reagan era and the Religious Right.  This influence is unmistaken in his campaign speeches.  Mr. Cruz wants to restore America.

But when Cruz talks about restoring America, and encourages GOP voters to “remember who they are” as Americans, he is also referring to more recent history. During his speech in Beaufort, Cruz mentioned Winthrop’s idea of America as a “shining city on a hill.” For many evangelicals of a certain age, America as a “city on a hill” brings back memories of Ronald Reagan, the American president who energized the Religious Right. Reagan often used this phrase to describe the special destiny of the United States. It should not surprise us that he is a political hero to Cruz and many other evangelicals who look back nostalgically on the Reagan Revolution.

You may read the entire “Theology of Cruz” here by John Rea, professor of American history at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

According to Mr. Rea, a number of conservative evangelicals differs with Mr. Cruz view of America being founded as a Christian nation.  Perhaps the “principled pluralism” of a George Marsden is more like it.

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