on the Movie Risen, Starring Joseph Fiennes

RisenAfter lunch today, my wife and I decided to watch the movie Risen, starring Joseph Fiennes (Luther, 2003).

To be honest, we were both skeptical, not knowing what to expect.  Is this another Russell Crowe Noah, where too much creative license was exercised?

But we were both pleasantly surprised.

Of course some creative license must be exercised in films like these.  It’s expected.  But only so much is allowed, to maintain historical integrity.  Risen did not disappoint.

My critical eyes for how the Jewish Messiah is often portrayed in films were especially satiated–a non-European Jesus of Nazareth.  Risen gets two huge thumps up!!

But it’s the message of the Risen that I’m especially pleased with.  It’s biblical.  It’s true.  When a sinner truly encounters the risen Christ, that sinners life will never be the same.

I highly commend the film Risen.

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